The Switch from 2000W to 2200W Honda generators

All Lentry® Light Systems shown with 2000-watt generators now come with 2200W generators.

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All Lentry Light Systems shown with 2000-watt generators now come with 2200W generators

FDIC International Exhibitor Showcase: All-Terrain Emergency Scene Lighting

This short video, taken in our booth during a busy expo, stars James who sums up a few of the biggest benefits of Lentry® Portable Lighting Systems.

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Lentry Emergency Scene Lights are introduced in-the-booth at Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International

FDIC International Exhibitor Showcase: All-Terrain Ventilation Fans

A camera shy but genuine, James Neils summarizes the most prominent benefits of Ventry® Ventilation Fans in this video taken in our booth at FDIC.

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Ventry Ventilation Fans are introduced in-the-booth at Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International

Brush Burning Fans

Contractors often want 4 or more fans for huge land clearing projects; they soon realize only one Ventry Fan is needed! Several of the unique qualities which make our fans ideal for fire fighting also make them a great investment for brush burning.

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Night photo of Ventry Brush Fan accelerating the burning of a brush/debris pile

Honda EU2000i and EU2200i Generator Compatibility

Existing EU2000i generators will be compatible with new EU2200i generators in some cases. It depends on the serial number of your generator.

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Some EU2000i and EU2000i Camo generators are compatible with new EU2200is

Lighting Solution for Night Crews & Construction

Night projects of all kinds (construction, roads, utilities, communications, roofing, repair and maintenance), in all ranges of urgency, need All-Terrain Lentry® Portable Lights, with telescoping light heads and all-terrain legs. Imagine this crew at night, working on a broken water main. How badly they would need one of our lights!

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If this happened at night, a LENTRY LIGHT would be absolutely invaluable!

Photos compare lighting options for Linemen

Photos by local linemen: They tested safety lighting solutions during overhead pole work and trench work. Photos compare headlights, spotlight, and Lentry® Portable Lighting.

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Electric Utility Lineman doing pole work while safely lit by an all-terrain LENTRY Light

See and Be Seen - Safety Lighting for Linemen and Public Works

For safety, Lentry Lights help linemen see and be seen, whether working high on a pole or low down in a trench. Here are their benefits specific to those in utilities, public works, disaster recovery and related fields.

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Pole work? Trench work? This lighting will make the job easier and safer.

Stand-Alone Lighting for Sports like Soccer

Self contained, stand-alone area lighting systems called Lentry® Systems can extend the playing and practice times for team sports and events which occur during the fall and winter when sunlight is short.

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Remote area field light, lighting a soccer field

All-Terrain Scene Light vs Generator Light Kit

What is the difference between Lentry® All-Terrain Scene Lighting Systems and Honda generators with common light kits, inflatable lights, balloon lights, and other common emergency scene lighting tools?

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Generator lights and kits versus all-terrain scene lighting