Specs have changed on Lentry Lights

In March 2017, several minor changes to technical specifications on Lentry® Light Systems took effect. All specs have been updated in our materials as of March 29.

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Specs have changed on Lentry® Light Systems

How to Choose a Lentry Light Model in 4 Steps

This page summarizes the four choices which lead you to the best Lentry® Power & Light System for your needs. Choose from 2 generators, 6 light heads and 3 heights. You’ll also decide if you want more than one separate telescoping light/pole.

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How to choose a portable lighting system in 4 steps

Don’t Judge a Light by its Wattage!

In the context of portable scene lighting, don’t judge a light by the watts! Efficient lights can not be quantified in this way. Watts equal energy draw, not light emission!

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240 watt portable LED 1STARX, lights the arena of the Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach (CA). 20,000 lumens! Photo courtesy TRCHB.

Do you sell catalytic converters for Ventry PPV Fans?

For several reasons, we do not yet offer catalytic converters as options or accessories on Ventry PPV Fans. If there is sufficient interest, we will work harder to secure them.

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Do you sell exhaust extensions?

VSI does not sell and advises against using exhaust extensions on gas-powered fans because we believe they do not work, are unsafe, and may void your warranty.

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Just say No to an exhaust extension on your PPV fan!

Which lights come with cases?

How do I get a case with my portable Lentry Light Tower? Which models include the case?

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Some portable LEDs include cases. Which ones?

How are Lentry Light Towers stored?

All Lentry® Light Systems extend and retract. The poles shorten and the legs slide up close to the generator for storage. The poles (including the light heads) also disconnect from the generator-and-legs portion of the unit.

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How are Lentry Light Towers stored?

What is the difference between a scene light and work light?

Many products advertised as “scene” or “site lights” (to large areas) are actually work lights or fancy flashlights. Here is a guide to separating the imposter work lights from the true scene lighting systems.

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(Photo courtesy KB Trade GmbH) A scene light illuminates the entire construction site; a work light would only light up the backhoe!

How bright are Lentry Lights?

Lentry Lights — How bright are they? Avoid wattage when comparing lighting solutions! Here we provide helpful photos and first-hand experiences.

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Construction site illuminated by one Lentry LED Light System

Before/After Pics: Work Site Lit with one Lentry Portable Site Light

Dramatic photos show a construction site without and then with the illumination of a portable, temporary generator light tower, called Lentry® Lighting.

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Construction site shown with and without Lentry Lighting turned on.