Do you sell catalytic converters for Ventry PPV Fans?

Posted by Ventry Solutions, Inc. on

Not yet.

As the original equipment manufacturer of Ventry® Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fans, we are not allowed to modify the exhaust systems on our fans. Replacing the muffler on a gasoline engine with a catalytic converter—such as those offered by EnviroGenCat and Ward Diesel—constitutes muffler modification.

In contrast, we understand that consumers may self-install catalytic converters without violating the law; however, doing so will affect the warranty on the Honda motor (not in the customer’s favor).

If you want a catalytic converter to reduce the emissions on your gas-powered PPV fan, please call James at (888) 257-8967. We may offer these as an accessory in the future if there is sufficient need and once we have documented proof that they work well and are not violations of Honda policy or federal law. If we know there is demand, it will increase this on our priority list.

Catalytic converters are an attempt to fix the same emissions / carbon monoxide problem as exhaust extensions. There may be another solution.

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