Which lights come with cases?

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How do I get a case with my portable Lentry Light Tower?

Select Lentry® Lights with V-Spec LEDs include a case which holds the LED head. Lentry System model numbers ending in “-C” include the appropriate case and light head connection/removal hardware.

Model numbers specify which case is included with which model. Cases can hold either one or two V-Spec LED heads, the 2-HeadedV-spec LED, as well as either a standard height pole or 1-2 XT height poles.

How to shop models with cases? View all models with cases here or, from the Catalog drop-down menu above, choose Shop Lentry Lights. Then filter by “V-Spec Cases” on the left side.

Got a V-Spec LED Lentry System already? If you already have a Lentry Light with one or two V-Spec LEDs, contact VSI for the appropriate case. View just the cases here.

All three V-Spec LED cases for Lentry work lights.

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