Can a Ventry Fan be moved while it’s running?

Posted by Ventry Solutions, Inc. on

Yes! Ventry® Fans can be moved while the engine is on and the fan is running.

Aiming a VENTRY PPV at the door while it is running

In fact, it is standard procedure for many fire departments to turn the fan on, aimed away from the entrance point, and when ready for ventilation, they pivot the fan on its rear leg (while it’s running) and aim at the door, then turn up the RPM.

In this image from 2011, the fan is idling at low RPM as it is tipped onto its rear leg and pivoted to aim directly at the door, ready for ventilation. (Click here to watch the demo video.)

The only caution we have is that Ventry Fans push a lot of air, and therefore, have a lot of thrust! If a fan is running and you move it, use common sense: throttle it down and hold on tight. Remember, at full RPM, Ventry Fans will push up to 25 pounds against you!

We have noticed caution stickers on other brands of PPV blowers, prominently warning “DO NOT MOVE BLOWER WHILE OPERATING!” but with Ventry Positive Pressure Fans, go ahead. It is OK to move Ventry Fans while they are running because Ventry Safety Propellers are very strong but lightweight. They will not harm the engine if bumped and/or moved while they are running.

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