“Positive Pressure Attack Deconstructed...”

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FireRescue magazine article on the value of ventilation in fire fighting

“...UL FSRI experiments reveal the value of ventilation”

This is the title of an excellent article, based on the UL PPV study, which we would like to help disseminate to firefighters.

Note: Positive pressure ventilation and attack are often used interchangeably, but Nick Ledin distinguishes between PPA and PPV as follows:

PPA is defined as using a fan to pressurize a building before the fire is knocked down, while PPV uses a fan to pressurize a building after the fire is knocked down.

Written by Nick Ledin, the article was originally published in the September 2016 issue of FireRescue Magazine. It can be currently found online at FirefighterNation.com here: https://www.firefighternation.com/firerescue/ppa-deconstructed/.

It is unclear how long the article will remain available for free online. If this link does not work, please contact us for a copy of the article via PDF.

Nick Ledin is a firefighter and paramedic with the Eau Claire Fire Department in Wisconsin. He served on the technical panel for the UL FSRI's PPA study (Underwriter Laboratory Fire Safety Research Institute). The huge study concluded in 2016 and several valuable fire service resources were created, including a free online training module on PPA and positive pressure ventilation.

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