VT Grant Promotes Safety through Flagger Lighting Funding

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Vermont League of Cities & Towns logo, courtesy vlct.org
Hi-Lite models meet VLCT grant requirements

Vermont municipalities who are members of the Property and Casualty Intermunicipal Fund (PACIF) may apply for a safety and risk management grant through the Vermont League of Cities & Towns (VLCT).

The grant recognizes the role good lighting plays in improving safety and preventing loss. Portable Lentry® Scene Lighting Systems, specifically Hi-Lite height models of Lentry Lights, are eligible pieces of equipment for the program, improving safety and reducing loss at incidents and projects, both roadside and off-road. PACIF members also receive preferred pricing from VSI on eligible systems.

This grant is available only to members of the PACIF.

For information on the VLCT and its safety and risk management programs, please visit vlct.org.

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