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Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) and Expo

FDIC 2020 has been postponed, effective 3/12/2020. Stay tuned for updated information! Ventry Solutions is proud to be an exhibitor at Fire Department Instructors Conference and Expo (FDIC) 2020. Here we collect show stats, dates and locations, and fun photos.

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FDIC International logo from

NIESA: North Idaho Emergency Services Academy 2020

NIESA 2020 has been canceled, as of 3/13/2020. Ventry Solutions, Inc. supports the North Idaho Emergency Services Academy each year and we hope to see you in 2021!

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NIESA: North Idaho Emergency Services Academy 2020

Firefighting Training: Top 10 Tactical Considerations from Fire Research

A popular FDIC class for fire fighters, by Director Stephen Kerber of the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, was available free and on-demand as a webcast until September 2018. Information can still be found here, though. Sponsored by Ventry Solutions, Inc.

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FDIC video image courtesy Pennwell (

Webcast: Positive Pressure Attack (PPA)

From August 2016 to August 2017, Ventry Solutions, Inc. sponsored an online webcast for firefighters, from Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), called “Rules of Engagement for Positive-Pressure Attack.”

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A Higher Level of Inflation*

Our ad in Ballooning magazine discusses how pilots using Ventry® Fans for inflation enjoy peace of mind, safety, a much higher level of performance than other fans, and lifetime factory support. Links to all inflation fan pages on our site are included.

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Inflation Fan ad in Ballooning magazine (2017)

PPV Study Results and Online Training

Excellent online training on positive pressure ventilation and attack (PPV and PPA) is now available as the result of the multi-year UL FSRI study on PPV. Please share these resources among fire/rescue colleagues.

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Image from UL FSRI PPV Study online positive pressure attack training: Module 5...Exhaust Size is more important than fan location

“Positive Pressure Attack Deconstructed...”

This article by Nick Ledin, firefighter and panelist, on the value of ventilation in fire fighting, summarizes the vast UL PPV study concluded in 2016.

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FireRescue magazine article on the value of ventilation in fire fighting

UL PPA/PPV Study Discussion

Firefighting experts discuss the PPA and PPV study by UL FSRI. The video originally streamed live but is still available on demand.

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UL PPA/PPV Study Discussion brought to you by Fire Engineering and Ventry Solutions, Inc.

VSI thanks UL PPV Study participants

All of us at Ventry Solutions, Inc. extend our sincere thanks to the researchers and technical panel members involved in the extensive and history-changing UL PPV study. This work is going to save lives. Period.

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Ventry® Fan during UL FSRI cold flow testing

Photos: Live Fire Testing during PPV Study by UL FSRI

Photos of Live Fire Testing during PPV Study by UL FSRI taken by James Neils, who served on the UL panel of PPV Fan manufacturers. These tests were part of the study on PPV effectiveness in modern structures.

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Photos of UL PPV study live fire tests, Jan 2015