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Positive Pressure Ventilation Study will Help Firefighters World-Wide

Greatly improving the fire service’s understanding of positive pressure ventilation and attack and furthering its safe and effective use, UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) has released the results of their huge, multi-year study.

Fire dynamics has changed dramatically during the nearly three decades we have been manufacturing Ventry® PPV Fans. Tactics must also evolve! This study is a huge step in the right direction. The materials created from it are credible, science-based, and brand-neutral; we believe these can improve ventilation safety and efficacy in the fire service world wide:

Positive Pressure Ventilation and Attack training (PPV and PPA) online course for firefighters by UL FSRI

Training on PPV/PPA from UL

  1. Online PPA/PPV training course - Complete training is 2 hours; the abbreviated course is 1 hour. Choose the course that works for you! [1]
  2. Summary report for the fire service [2, 3]
  3. Complete report on the PPV study [4]

Also, an exceptional summary of the study’s findings titled, “PPA Deconstructed - UL FSRI experiments reveal the value of ventilation” by panelist Nick Ledin, is available online from FireRescue Magazine.

Two supplements we created for your convenience and complete citations are at the bottom of this page.

VSI’s Participation in the PPV Study

Image from UL FSRI PPV Study online positive pressure attack training: Module 5 / Tactical Considerations / 3 - Exhaust Size is more important than fan location

Image from the PPA online training course from UL FSRI

Having manufactured PPV fans since the late 1980s and always striving to make exceptional tools that save lives, we are grateful for this study. We will work to share other aspects of this important work and are studying the material and training carefully.

Anecdote. Ventry Solutions, Inc. provided several Ventry® Positive Pressure Fans for the UL study, one of which delayed an experiment when it rolled the carpet up in the living room of the structure!

For the study itself, the Technical Panel chose wisely to use an “average” fan [2 p17] [4 p70]. Though disappointed that our brand would not appear in all the photos, we are proud that ours is definitely NOT an average fan! A Ventry Fan is shown in the online training course, however, to demonstrate fan tilt and placement (see the screen shot above) [1a].

For fun, we have posted photos from the study, taken by our CEO and panelist, James Neils, during the tests.

UL FSRI PPA online training screen shot - the average fan was used in experiments, but Ventry Fans were included.

Above: Screen shot from the UL Positive Pressure Attack online training in which Ventry Fans are represented.

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