Lentry Model 2SPECH

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Hi-Lite Portable Lighting System

This is one of the tallest Lentry® Portable Lights available. It is designed for applications requiring very tall lights over 12 feet. This 2000-watt system features the Hi-Lite height pole, on which is mounted the 28,000 lumen V-Spec LED. The unit stands up to 13 feet tall with its legs and pole fully extended. While intended specifically for lighting flaggers, this model works well for  other special applications requiring such elevation.

This Lentry Light is also available with a case to protect the LED. See model 2SPECH-C.

ALL-TERRAIN VERSATILITY. Outward curving legs of solid aircraft-grade aluminum. Legs lift, level and protect the generator. They allow setup nearly anywhere and ensure stable, solid operation. With legs, the light system overcomes common obstacles like tall grass, snow, standing water.

SUPER-QUIET 2000W HONDA EU2000i GENERATOR. 1600W continuous power. Quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, with top carrying handle. Fuel efficient, with long run times and low emissions. Computer-safe, reliable power generation. Low-oil shut off protected.

V-SPEC LED LIGHT. The V-Spec LED’s output is bright white, as close to sunlight as you can get with a man-made light! The V-Spec offers instant-on at full intensity, long run-times, low operating temperatures, longevity, reliability, low maintenance, and solid state electronics (no bulbs to burn out). In addition to these features, it combines 72 LEDs, with 60 LEDs operating as flood lights (work area lighting) and 12 LEDs providing focused spot lighting for distance. The lens and optics are molded together for excellent light quality and wide, uniform, far-reaching illumination. Innovative cooling fins are incorporated right into the super-slim head making it very compact.

HI-LITE HEIGHT. This model is well over 6 feet tall even without the pole extended and 13 feet tall fully extended. Because it is so tall, this model is ideal for very specific applications requiring certain heights over 12 feet. For example, this unit fulfills widely accepted recommendations for Optimum Illumination of Nighttime Flagger Operations issued by the Oregon DOT and Federal Highway Administration. For most operations, we recommend XT height models due to nearly identical functionality but easier operation.

WARRANTIES. Backed by 3- and 5-year respective warranties on the generator and light head, our overall 5-year “No BS” warranty on workmanship and materials, and Lifetime Factory Support.

Model LENTRY Model 2SPECH by Ventry Solutions, Inc.
Patent US D684,309
Generator Honda EU2000i
Generator Output AC 120V 2000W max. (16.7A) 1600W rated (13.3A)
"Rated" means the power the generator can supply continuously to run lights and other tools; “Max” wattage is available for short bursts.
Number of Telescoping Lights 1
Light Head V-Spec LED
Light Input 120V 336W (2.8A)
Light Output 28,000 lumens
Receptacles 20A 125V Duplex, NEMA 5-20P
Generator Output DC 12V 96W (8A)
Fuel Capacity 0.95 gallons (3.8 quarts)
Run Times per Tankful (approximate) 3.4 hours @ rated load (1600W)
8.1 hours @ 1/4 rated load (400W)
8.3 hours with V-Spec LED light on (336W)
Light Certifications CE
Generator with Legs Retracted
(H x W x D)
21 x 14.75 x 27.25 inches
V-Spec LED Light Head
(H x W x D)
14.75 x 14.5 x 3.5 inches
Hi-Lite Height Pole 71.5 inches, retracted
Generator and Legs Portion (dry) 58 lbs
V-Spec LED Light Head and Hi-Lite Pole 16.25 lbs
Fuel and Oil add… 6.75 lbs
Generator 3 year commercial
V-Spec LED Light Head 5 years
All Other Components 5 years workmanship and materials + Lifetime Factory Support
Country of Origin USA. LENTRY Systems are manufactured in Hauser, Idaho USA. Honda generators are not made in the USA but make up less than 50% of their value.
Downloads (PDFs) Lentry Hi-Lite Height Model 2SPECH bid specs
Specifications for all models on one sheet

Out of all available Accessories, any of these may be added to model 2SPECH.

LED CASE. The lifetime V-Spec Case protects and holds the V-Spec LED head. A case, and quick-release hardware, is included with Lentry Light Model 2SPECH-C.

QUICK RELEASE. Installed on the neck of the telescoping light and allows the light head to be connected and disconnected from the telescoping pole with a simple turn of a knob.

TRUCK MOUNT. Alternate mounting option which holds the telescoping light and pole firmly to a wall, cabinet door, or side of truck. The light can then serve as both portable and truck-mounted lighting increasing value and function.

TACHOMETER. Digital display shows RPM and total hours on the generator. Helpful for performance report, diagnostics, and maintenance.


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