V-Spec Cases for Select Lentry LED Models

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Lifetime-guaranteed cases are available with select models of all-terrain Lentry® Light Systems.

  • Rugged, injection molded cases meet tough U.S. Military standards for the protection of valuable equipment against air, water, theft and impacts.
  • Special polyethylene closed-cell foam inside is custom-cut to fit specific Lentry LED heads and companion components.
  • The foam is also highly energy-absorbing; it cushions the LED light heads and keeps them securely in place; makes loading easy; and will not disintegrate with sun or water as cheap foam alternatives do.
  • In all aspects—from the wheels and latches and handles to the gasketed enclosure—these cases are heavy duty and made to last.

There are three V-Spec cases: C2318, C3422, and C5022. Each case varies in size and holds different components. To order a case, choose Lentry Lights with model numbers ending in -C; these models will include the appropriate V-Spec case and quick release hardware.

To add a case to your existing Lentry System, please contact us so we can help determine which case best suites your current system and needs.

Dent, impact, shatter and shock resistant, even at low temperatures where other cases would be brittle and crack upon impact. Also resistant to corrosion, solvents and fungus damage (MIL-STD-810G). Injection molded plastic of extreme-duty polypropylene copolymer resin.

Polyethylene closed-cell inside foam is cut exactly to fit the LEDs. The foam hugs and cushions, allows for only intentional movement of the equipment inside, and provides a map for easy loading. This foam is uniquely energy/shock-absorbent and long lived; it will not disintegrate with sun or water.

Gasketed enclosure. Submersible, water-tight and dust-proof (MIL-C-4150J).

Will not warp, rust, rot, bend, crack or shatter.

Comfortable cushion-grip handles are well-sized and recessed so they rest flush with the case. Each case has multiple handles.

User-friendly two-step latches add security without difficulty and guarantee against accidental release.

Reinforced, multiple padlock points.

Lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA.

Warranty Lifetime
Country of Origin USA
Downloads (PDFs) V-Spec Cases flyer
Lentry® V-Spec Case C2318 by Ventry Solutions, Inc.
Holds One V-Spec LED light head and one standard height pole
Included with... Lentry Light models 1SPECS-C, 1SPECX-C, 2SPECS-C, 2SPECX-C, 2SPECH-C
Size 18 x 22.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight 11.5 lbs
Wheels None
Handles 2
Padlock spots 2
Latches 2
Lentry® V-Spec Case C3422 by Ventry Solutions, Inc.
Holds Two V-Spec LED light heads or one 2-Headed V-Spec LED light head
Included with... Lentry Light models 1SPECSS-C, 1SPECXX-C, 2SPECSS-C, 2SPECXX-C, 2TWSPX-C
Size 22 x 33.5 x 13 inches
Weight 29.5 lbs
Wheels Yes
Handles 4
Padlock spots 5
Latches 7
Lentry® V-Spec Case C5022 by Ventry Solutions, Inc.
Holds One or two V-Spec LED light heads plus one or two XT height poles
or one 2-Headed V-Spec LED light head plus one XT height pole
Upgrade Option This case is offered as an upgrade for the following Lentry Light models: 1SPECX-C, 1SPECXX-C, 2SPECX-C, 2SPECXX-C, and 2TWSPX-C.
Size 21.5 x 49.5 x 9 inches
Weight 30.5 lbs
Wheels Yes
Handles 3
Padlock spots 6
Latches 8
V-Spec cases and some of the portable LED work lights with which they are included.

Lentry Light Systems with V-Spec LEDs, including the models shown here, are available with the V-Spec Series Case to hold the light heads. Model numbers ending in “-C” will come with the appropriate case and quick release hardware (for easy separation of the light head from the pole).

We are adding models and updating our materials daily; meanwhile, please see the V-Spec Cases press release for the most complete information.


Prices and products are available from our helpful Dealers and Ventry Solutions, Inc. Our product experts will help you choose the right model, with or without a case, for your application and budget. Contact us now: (888) 257-8967