Ventry Fan Model 24GX200

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The most impressive Ventry® Fan, model 24GX200, has an efficient 24-inch propeller and a 5.5 hp Honda GX200 engine. This fan is for anyone who wants a lot of air and wants it fast.

This model is the most popular for brush burning / slash pile burning, and pilots with large hot air balloons (100,000cf and above) choose this model for inflation when speed is a priority. Like all Ventry Fans, only one person is needed to deploy this model, but it does the job of several fans.

ALL-TERRAIN LEGS. Three outward-curving, independently adjustable legs made of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, each having an easy-to-grab locking knob for fast, secure adjustments. They give the fan three-point stability, unlimited tilt/aiming, and fast deployment. Legs provide a rock-solid stance and truly stand-alone operation, no matter the terrain or obstacles (snow, stairs, standing water, debris, rose bushes...).

VENTRY SAFETY PROPELLER. Two-blade, aircraft style, state-of-the-art propeller, engineered specifically for the 5.5 hp motor. Provides high CFM, longevity, and fail-safe performance.

CLEARANCE. Up to 14 inches between propeller and ground allows no intake of foreign matter so debris won’t be picked up or plug the fan. For added safety and performance, always extend the legs on your Ventry Fan when in use, even if it’s only 6 inches!

FREE-FLOW GUARD. Un-shrouded, double reinforced wire guard allows maximum air supply to the propeller which increases air volume (CFM) and decreases noise. Video: noise drops and CFM increases as a solid shroud is removed from a Ventry Fan in this demonstration.

DUAL SIDE HANDLES. Side handles provide an easy, fast way for one or two people to lift and carry the fan.

LONG DISTANCE VENTILATION. Forward sweeping propeller tips produce a narrow, consistent air stream for placement far from the target (8-15 ft is ideal). Fan is well out of the way of crew and equipment and allows safer and more effective ventilation.

GX200 HONDA ENGINE. The Honda GX200 is a heavy-duty motor featuring cast iron bores, low-oil shut off protection, an on/off switch separate from the throttle, and a fuel shut-off valve.

SOLID RUBBER WHEELS & SKIDS. The base model 24GX200 includes these wheels, the central handle and stair skids. 5-inch diameter, solid polyurethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings for smooth rolling; long handle moves that up/down from center of the fan; stair skids to protect the guard, allowing you to roll fan easily over stairs/curbs. Ideal for urban environments and mostly smooth ground.

WARRANTIES. Backed by a 3-year warranty on the Honda motor, our overall 5-year “No BS” warranty on workmanship and materials, and Lifetime Factory Support.

Patent 5,503,526
Model Ventry® Fan Model 24GX200
Motor/Engine 5.5 hp Honda GX200 (rated 6.5 hp prior to 2007)
Type Gas
Propeller 24-inch Ventry® Safety Propeller
Volume 29,500 CFM (50,113 m3/h)
Air volume in cubic feet per minute (CFM) is measured with the fan’s legs extended.
Thrust 24.4 Lb (11.1 kg)
Based on Newton’s third law of motion, thrust is a reproducible measure of fan performance that allows easy comparison and has far fewer variables than direct measure of CFM.
Fuel Capacity 3.3 qt
Run Time per Tank 1.7 hours
Weight 88 Lbs (39.83 kg)
Base model, dry, without options.
(W x D x H)
Actual measurements may vary ±1/2 inch due to normal manufacturing processes. Measurements taken with legs retracted for storage.
Base Model Fan (Includes Small Solid Rubber Wheels & Skids) 27 x 23 x 28 inches
(68.6 x 57.8 x 71.1 cm)
Fan with Medium Flat-Free Wheels & Skids 27 x 24 x 28 inches
(68.6 x 61 x 71.1 cm)
Warranty 5 years workmanship and materials + Lifetime Factory Support
Engine Warranty 3 years commercial/institutional use
Country of Origin USA. Manufactured in Hauser, Idaho, USA using only grade 8 hardware

Out of all available accessories, these may be added to fan model 24GX200.

SPARK ARRESTER. Installed inside the muffler to capture and prevent sparks from exiting the motor during operation. Required on all engines operated within U.S. national parks.

TACHOMETER. Digital display shows RPM and total hours on the generator. Helpful for performance report, diagnostics, and maintenance.

UPGRADE TO MEDIUM FLAT-FREE WHEELS & SKIDS. 6-inch diameter wheels made of hard polyurethane which can never go flat; long handle that moves up/down from the center of the fan; stair skids to protect the guard, allowing you to roll the fan easily over stairs/curbs. Ideal for rough and unpacked terrain.

VENTRY COOLING MISTING RING. 15-inch stainless steel ring with 8 adjustable brass nozzles and a 22 micron filter and flush valve. Connects to a standard garden hose. Dramatically decreases temperatures. Effective for cooling and rehab, salvage and overhaul, dust control and more.

ULTIMATE DOOR STOP. Well-engineered door wedge which is so useful to firefighters that one is included on every new Ventry PPV Fan.

This video features Ventry Fan model 24GX200, which was taken during downtime at a fire expo.

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