Ventry Fan Spark Arrester

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A spark arrester (also spelled spark arrestor) is an optional accessory that is installed inside the muffler on any Ventry® Fan to capture and prevent sparks from exiting the motor during operation. A Spark Arrester is required on all engines operated in national parks within the U.S.

A spark arrester can be added to any All-Terrain Ventry Fan at the original time of purchase or purchased separately and added at a later date.

Part number varies by fan motor:

  • Fans with GC160 engine, part number: 18350-ZL8-000*
  • Fans with GX120 or GX160 engine, part number: S-1034
  • Fans with GX200 engine, part number: S-GX200

*New Ventry Fans utilizing the GC160 engine are no longer available, but the spark arrester retrofits to existing Ventry Fans with a GC160, GX120, GX160, or GX200 engine.


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