Spare Bulbs (Halogens)

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Extra halogen light bulbs are wise to keep on hand for backup in the field. All Lentry® Lights with halogens utilize one or more of the following bulbs.

  • 750W halogen bulbs are used in Lentry Lights with Optup halogens (not the Panorama). This bulb also fits older Lentry models that have the Two-Headed Optup or the 750W ABC light head and can be used in Lentry Lights that originally came with 650W hi-IR bulbs. It is the brightest bulb we can get using only 750 watts of power. Approximately 5 inches long. Output of 19,600 lumens. Part number BULB750 (These bulbs are on sale.)
  • 1500W halogen bulbs are used in Lentry systems with 1500W Panorama lights. Output of 35,000 lumens. Part number BULB1500

Call us for help determining what system you have or what bulb you need.

Please note that from June 2010 to December 2010 and from January 2015 forward, halogen Lentry Lighting Systems have utilized 750W halogen bulbs. Formerly, a 650 watt hi-infrared (Hi-IR) bulb has been used. The two bulbs are interchangeable in most Lentry Lights with halogens. 500W halogens may also be used in a pinch, but offer much less light.

We are not aware of an adequate substitute for the 1500W bulb (used in standard and XT height 1500W Panorama lights), but can ship one to you in a hurry.


Parts are available from Ventry Solutions, Inc. and our experts will help you choose the right part. Contact us now: (888) 257-8967