Ventry Fan Rubber Leg Ends ("Feet")

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The feet on Ventry® Fans have come a long way over the years! Today, the feet are truly high tech and high performance. They are vibration dampening and have tough tread for aggressive traction on slick and slanted surfaces with just the right amount of give and grab. They include an internal metal plate at the bottom which is chemically bonded to the rubber for longevity and performance.

Feet do wear out on the fans over time, so it is important to inspect them regularly and replace promptly if they are worn or compromised at all.

Replacement feet are sold separately with part number 942SB


Spare and repair parts are best purchased from Ventry Solutions, Inc. directly for minimal hassle. Our product experts will help you get the right parts for your Ventry Fan. Contact us now: (888) 257-8967