Portable LED Light Towers

Lentry LED Light Towers are commercial duty portable, self-contained, all-terrain lighting systems made by Ventry Solutions, Inc. for industry. They are made to light large outdoor spaces and provide backup power.

Lentry LEDs are as portable and convenient as common hardware store work lights but they offer the output, endurance, and quality of diesel-powered generator/light masts. Lentry Lights with LEDs retail from $3800 to $10,000. They’re ideal for use at remote, mobile, temporary, and dynamic job sites/scenes.

For hours of light, Lentry Lights are easily deployed by one person and self-contained (power supply included; no batteries to charge or cords to run). All models include a patented 3-leg frame, super-quiet gasoline-powered generator, and at least one LED on a telescoping pole or mast.

There are many LEDs from which to choose, varying in height, power, lumens and other features.

2STARX XT height Light Tower with V-Star LED 2-Headed LED Light Tower 2TWSPX-C 2STARXXX is Light Tower with 3 LEDs, all tall

Long-running V-Star LED Model 2STARX

2-Headed V-Spec LED Model 2TWSPX-C

The “XXX” on 2STARXXX indicates three extra-tall LEDs.

For pricing and info, call the experts at Ventry Solutions, Inc. We can help you find the best value for your immediate and long-term needs: 888-257-8967