Portable Emergency Scene Lighting

Emergency scene light is set up and lighting the house fire scene while standing in the river of water being created by fire fighters

Lentry Light continues lighting the scene while standing in the river created by firefighters at a structure fire.

3-legged Lentry® Emergency Scene Lights provide spot and flood lighting simultaneously to large areas. They are ideal for temporary, outdoor illumination of emergencies: disaster scenes, crime scenes, traffic accidents and control, check points, and response teams. They have proven indispensable to fire and rescue, law enforcement, disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and endless public and private sector users.

Courtesy QDCIP Fire, LLC: Lentry unit lights up search and rescue scene along the river

A Lentry Light illuminates search and rescue efforts along the river. Photo courtesy QDCIP Fire, LLC (OH). How bright are they? See photos.

Click for an introduction. Ken stands near one Lentry emergency scene light system during a photo shoot.

Lentry Lights are easily stored in a small space; they are easily moved to a scene rapidly and by one person, saving manpower; and they set up on uneven and unpredictable terrain (No road? No problem!).

These features and other benefits make them uniquely convenient, safe and invaluable to safety professionals. Efficient, safe, instant lighting benefits everyone in an emergency: the first responders, victims, helpers and passers-by. Nothing improves safety at a scene more than being able to see and be seen!

Other outdoor lighting tools intended for night-time emergencies offer only half a solution; they are either portable or bright, but rarely both. Other emergency scene lights may run a long time but then require hours of charging to replenish or replace batteries while Lentry Lights are self-contained. Others may take a long time to come on and to cool down while Lentry Lights are instant on/instant off. Other lights often have dire physical limitations (for example, mounted to or attached to the emergency response vehicle or with a tripod stand which requires level ground, trapping entire crews on the scene while the light is needed). Worse, they may sit on the ground, serving only to light the feet of the emergency workers—not the scene, the task, or the first responders themselves. In contrast, Lentry Lights extend to enlarge the lit area and improve the vantage point for overall better scene lighting geometry. Lentry Lights are great alternatives to light plants and hand-held generator-lights.

Essentially, Lentry Emergency Scene Lights’ unique features serve to provide effective, safe, bright light to outdoor emergency sites without contradicting bad side effects.

Please note that Lentry Lights are portable (aka mobile) and only for outdoor scenes because they are powered by gasoline-driven generators. Related terms to “emergency scene lighting” in this context are fire, search, rescue or response, preparedness, disasters, motor vehicle (traffic) accidents and safety lighting. From deployment to storage, Lentry Lights are engineered to light large areas quickly and easily without requiring extra work, more personnel, or add hassle or hazards.

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