Portable Light Towers with Legs: Light It UP!

Lentry Light model DDD

Lentry® Light Tower model 2SPECX

Lentry® Lighting is a patented line of portable lights with “all-terrain” legs; telescopic, high-output lights; and gas-powered generators.

Because of their portability, output, ease of use, versatility and value, they have become indispensable safety tools for a broad range of world-wide industrial clients. Invented for emergency scenes, they are bright, versatile, and cost effective. They simply make every other tool easier and safer by helping you see and be seen. For those who work after dark in imperfect conditions, Lentry Lights are sound investments for greater safety and productivity on any job site or emergency scene.

With every model, you can count on exceedingly bright light; unmatched versatility; dependable, intuitive operation; remarkable quality and durability; and exceptional, lifetime factory support.

3 images of portable area lighting in use

Left and right photos: courtesy KB Trade GmbH (Switzerland). Model 2SPECX, with EU20i instead of EU20000i generator shown. Middle photo: Model 2WIDEX in foreground and, in the distance, 1OPUPS lighting the interior through a window.


Solid aluminum, outward curving legs on Lentry Lights allow ideal lighting placement, unaffected by steep, uneven ground or obstacles like plants, snow and debris. Each leg locks at any point along its fully extended and retracted lengths for maximum versatility. Rock-solid stance is further assured by special rubber feet with aggressive grab on slick and slanted surfaces.

The legs are part of a metal frame which is bolted to the generator. The legs and frame protect the generator like a roll cage, keep it level (which the generators require for operation), and extend life by keeping it off the ground and preventing intake of dirt and debris.

For storage, the legs tuck close to the generator. Poles may be disconnected or left attached as desired. With the optional Quick Release installed, lights can also be separated from the pole in seconds without tools. Select models include Quick Release hardware and a case to protect the LEDs.

3 images: Generators with legs in snow; LED lighting unit with case; and 6 light choices

Above left: 1000- and 2000-watt All-Terrain Lentry Light models without poles/lights connected.
Middle: Model 2SPECS-C with its light and pole inside the case. Legs are in extended position.
Right: Choose from many light heads on Lentry Lights


All Lentry Lights are gasoline-powered by Honda® super-quiet series EU1000i and EU2000i generators or their international equivalents.

The generators contribute to the compact sizes, reliability, and convenience of Portable Lighting Systems. With Lentry Lights, you have no expensive batteries to charge or replace. Computer-safe power is supplied from two outlets on each generator. Models with only one light or “2-Headed” lights leave one outlet free for additional tools.

James with model 2OPUPS in tall grass; 1SPECS lighting a railroad; 2SPECX lighting search and rescue efforts, courtesy QDCIP Fire

Left: James with model 2OPUPS, a standard-height model, aiming over brush.
Middle: Model 1SPECS at a railroad refueling depot.
Right: Model 2SPECX. Image courtesy QDCIP Fire, LLC (Ohio)


Lentry Lights operate as flood and spot lights simultaneously, illuminating large areas measured in thousands of square feet, or hundreds of linear feet, not just personal work areas.

Choose from the most advanced LEDs and halogens, all of which are “instant on” and among the brightest and most efficient available.They are durable, long-lived, low maintenance, and proven to meet the rigors of demanding industries and applications.

Lights on portable Lentry Systems don’t attach directly to the generator; they’re held atop telescoping poles which are, in turn, supported by the frame. All the lights rotate more than 360° and tip far forward and back for maximum aiming control.

Image 1 courtesy TRCHB (CA); image 2 courtesy Mahugh Fire and Bolster Towing (MT); image 3 courtesy KB Trade (Switzerland)

Left: Model 1STARX. Courtesy Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach (California).
Middle: Model 1STARS. Courtesy Bolster Towing and Mahugh Fire & Safety (Montana).
Right: Model 2SPECX with EU20i generator. Courtesy KB Trade GmbH (Switzerland).

James (who is 6' tall) with Lentry Lights of all three heights.

James (6’ tall) with 2SPECS, 2SPECX and 2SPECH which are Standard, XT and Hi-Lite height.


There are three heights of Lentry Light Towers from which to choose: Standard height, XT (extra tall) height, and Hi-Lite height models. They stand approximately 4-, 9-, and 13-feet tall respectively, with their legs and poles extended fully.

The ability to raise the light source is  critical for large area and distance lighting. Even the minor elevation afforded by Standard  Height models offers significant advantages: the light may be raised over common obstructions (over the side of a truck bed) and aimed down hillsides (and into manholes). They can also be re-aimed without re-positioning the whole unit.

Service and Support

Ventry Solutions, Inc. (VSI) is a small, family-owned and operated company founded in 1972. We build the best equipment possible—in safety, quality, and value—while keeping the designs simple for minimal maintenance and intuitive, cost-effective operation.

We make outSTANDing safety tools which are backed by 5-year “no BS” warranties on workmanship and materials. We also provide exceptional customer service before, during and after the sale. No matter when or from whom you purchase a VSI product, you’ll enjoy Lifetime Factory Support.

What, Where and Who

Lentry Lights have been called light plants, portable scene lights, light towers, generator lights, light kits, temporary and remote lighting, work lights, traffic safety systems, site lights and more. We refer to them as Lentry Lights, Light Towers, or Scene Lighting.

Lentry Lights are already used world-wide to illuminate emergency scenes, work sites, job sites, construction projects, borders, crime scenes, railroads, special events, disaster cleanup, search and rescue operations, maintenance and repair crews, utility work, check points, flaggers and traffic control, evening sports, and more.

The Hauser Lake Fire Department’s Lentry Light, model 2OPUPX, at house fire. Winter 2014.

Photo: This Lentry Light, high-output halogen model 2OPUPX, was deployed by fire fighters during a terrible house fire. From its out-of-the-way position on the property’s edge, it ran quietly all through the night and lit the back and side of the home, all the while standing in the river of water streaming off the house. Read more...

The list of industries in which satisfied, safer customers use Lentry Lights expands by the day but already includes emergency response, disaster preparedness and recovery, traffic control, law enforcement, military, border patrol, scene investigation, search and rescue, video production, event planning, construction, public utilities, municipalities, towing and recovery, energy and rail.

Seeing is Believing

Benefits of Lentry Portable Scene Lighting—especially how bright the lights are, how helpful the legs are, overall quality and many more—are best experienced first-hand, especially side-by-side with comparable lighting products.

Please call Ventry Solutions, Inc. to arrange an in-person demonstration: 888-257-8967.

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