Hassle-Free Scene Lighting That Simply Makes You Safer

animation showing the legs and telescoping light of portable LED light model 1SPECX

Lentry® Lights are all-terrain portable emergency scene lighting systems—with legs and highly efficient telescoping lights—which help you SEE and BE SEEN.

Lentry Lights simply make you safer and more effective when using any tool. Any single model will replace multiple work lights and have no cords to run, no batteries to charge, and no cribbing needed. There are many other advantages, many of which are due to the fact they are made for firefighters by firefighters.

Lentry Lights are similar to generator-light-kits in portability and convenience but are closer to trailer-mounted light towers in their brightness / output.

What are your specific lighting needs and priorities? Whether lumens, portability, storage space, run time, budget or other, there is a Lentry Light model to meet your needs. Compare specs here.

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Made BY firefighters FOR firefighters.

Click to enlarge, before-and-after photos, courtesy KB Trade GmbH.Before and after photos, courtesy KB Trade... Click for more.