Brush & Stump Fans

brush burning with a Ventry Fan

Ventry® Fans work well as brush fans or stump fans. The same qualities that make ideal for positive pressure ventilation in fire fighting, their primary purpose, also benefit those who use them for burning when clearing land.

These fans will speed up the burning of slash piles (also called brush piles), refuse, stumps and debris. Their focused, rapid air stream introduces oxygen (fire requires oxygen, heat and fuel) and reduces pollution through more efficient, faster burning of the material. Ventry Fans are very popular in humid areas where debris piles are often too wet to burn without the help of a fan. In some areas (Puget Sound, we have been told) they may be required for landscaping and clearing projects. More info and recommended models.

Why Ventry Fans work well as brush burning fans.

Reasons our fans are great for brush/slash burning include but are not limited to:

  • They are portable and may be set up on uneven, rough terrain.
  • They will not suck debris up off the ground.
  • They are safe!
  • They are easy to aim up and down as needed.
  • They reach the target from a very long distance away.
  • They are rugged, reliable, well-built, and long-lived.