Year-End Pricing on Amazing 2-Headed Halogen

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Take advantage of 2016 pricing on the outstanding 2-Headed Halogen Lentry® Light 2TWHDX and invest in the complete unit for only $3793 while current inventory lasts.

2-Headed 2TWHDX Lentry Light year end pricing

An affordable alternative to tow-behind light plants and light towers, Lentry model 2TWHDX stands about 9 feet tall with its legs and light pole fully extended. The whole unit sets up in seconds and breaks down easily for storage.

This is the only Lentry unit featuring our 2-Headed Optup halogen light head. Giving it extreme aiming flexibility, each of the light heads rotates more than 400 degrees and pivots up and down. The light heads have separate on/off switches but share a cord. Quick Release hardware is included for easy separation of the whole light (both light heads and the horizontal bar) from the telescoping pole.

Legs allow fast deployment, ideal positioning, and a rock-solid stance on almost any terrain. They will not break, made of solid aluminum. They tuck up close to the generator and protect it, extending generator life and keeping it in like-new condition.

This model offers 39,600 lumens with both lights on and will run one light for well over 6 hours before needing more fuel.

This Lentry Light is an all-terrain, telescoping, extremely versatile light and power system that shines brightly over typical obstacles that would render an ordinary light useless.

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