Wisconsin Rural Water Association Conference & Outdoor Expo

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Lentry Safety Lighting Systems will be demonstrated at the WETC Expo by Midwest Electrical Resources Company
Lentry Safety Lighting Systems will be demonstrated at two WI Rural Water Assoc events by Midwest Electrical Resources Company

Logo of the WRWA, courtesy http://www.wrwa.org/

We are grateful to our partners at Midwest Electrical Resources Company for introducing Lentry® Light Towers (portable, all-terrain safety lights) at two upcoming Wisconsin events.

What: WRWA 2017 Annual TradeShow & Technical Conference
Who: Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) When: Conference will be March 28-31, 2017
Outdoor Expo will be held August 24, 2017
Where: La Crosse Center, La Crosse, Wisconsin

The March conference will be followed by the WRWA Outdoor Expo on August 24, 2017. The Conference website is wrwa.org/wrwa-annual-technical-conference and the Outdoor Expo is wrwa.org/outdoor-expo.

We hope the WRWA Conference affords you an opportunity to discover a new-to-utilities lighting solution that reduces stress, makes every tool you use safer, and dramatically improves overall scene safety.

For more information, visit the WRWA website or contact Midwest Electrical Resources Company.

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