Washington Fire Symposium and Annual Conference 2017

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Ventry Solutions, Inc. was among the vendors at the Washington Fire Symposium in 2017. We hope attendees had the opportunity to stop and visit with fellow firefighter James Neils, who staffed our booth and is also our CEO.

If you are not yet familiar with Ventry® PPV Fans and Lentry® Portable Scene Lighting, two lines of all-terrain safety tools manufactured by your neighbors near Spokane, please spend a minute or two on this website or give us a call. Being made by and for firefighters matters!

Who, What, When, Where...

  • What: Washington Fire Symposium Annual Conference and Vendor Show
  • Who: Washington Fire Chiefs and the Washington State Fire Training, Safety & Officers Section
  • When: The conference, titled "Above & Beyond," was February 25 through March 1, 2017
    Vendor Show was Monday, February 27, from 5:00-8:00 PM
  • Where: Yakima Valley Convention Center (map)
  • Why: To develop and advance the Washington fire service and provide an opportunity to network and interact with industry professionals and vendors.
  • Web: Washington Fire Chiefs Training Section
    Training and registration specifics

This year, the Fire Symposium featured these Training Tracks: Hands-On, Training, Professional Development, EMS, and HazMat. It will also feature the International Association of Fire Service Instructors’ (ISFSI) Principles of Modern Fire Attack Training, commonly known as SLICERS (which brings the scientific concepts of fire dynamics from the UL and NIST studies “to the street” for firefighters and fire officers).

More about the portable lighting systems and PPV fans we make...

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