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All-Terrain Lentry LED Light Models 1SPECS, 1STARXX, 2STARH & 2TWSPX-C34
All-Terrain Lentry LED Site Lighting System Models (left to right): 2STARXX, 2STARH, 2TWSPX-C34, & 1SPECS.

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All Terrain Lentry® Lighting—portable, telescoping, all-terrain safety lights with legs—will be on display at The Utility Expo in September 2023. Lentry Lights reduce stress, makes every tool you use safer, and dramatically improves overall site safety. We look forward to seeing everyone at the show!

  • What: The Utility Expo (formerly called ICUEE)
  • When: September 26-28, 2023
  • Where: Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Booth: TBD
  • Registration: Links to online registration will be posted as soon as they become available.

All-Terrain, Portable, Site Lighting

The Utility Expo 2021 map showing Ventry Solutions' booth position

In 2021, Ventry Solutions, Inc., the manufacture of Lentry Lighting Systems, was located inside the Kentucky Expo Center, towards the SE corner in booth #B1726 (where the red arrow is pointing in the picture to the right). We hope to be in the same area during the 2023 Expo. Stay tuned for updates!

Lighting your job site, making you and the site safer.

Light up your site while making your job safer & easier, just like the folks at Kootenai Electric in Idaho and Meade County Emergency Management in South Dakota did. Directly below, Kootenai Electric shows the same job site being lit by three different sources: truck headlights, a spotlight, and their Lentry Light Model 1SPECX-C23.

Overhead utility pole work lit by truck headlights Spotlight (NOT a Lentry Light) lighting work done on a utility pole Lentry model 1SPECX lighting the entire job site

Here, Meade County Emergency Management shows how they used their Lentry Light Model 2TWSPX-C34 to light an old mine complex that opened up under a neighborhood (click picture to enlarge).

The 2-Headed V-Spec LED lighting the entrance to a neighborhood mining op

Before or after The Utility Expo 2023, we encourage you to download product information, shop our catalog, request pricing or a quote, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Below is a little walk-through video of our exhibit at a previous Utility Expo. You can see several models on display, including 1SPECS-C23, the 2-Headed V-Spec LED in Case C5022 (which also holds 1-2 XT height poles), and models 2STARX and previous model 2WIDEX in the background.

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