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Live chat functionality has been added to this website to better serve all of our visitors.

Desktop chat app icon

Desktop users should see the above icon when chat is available, while mobile users will see the icon below.
Chat icon for mobile users

When we are in the office and logged in to our chat app, chat should be available. Within 20 seconds of arriving on our site, a chat icon should appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Touch the icon to enlarge the window and then type something in.

Behind the scenes: If you start a chat, one or more of our computers here in the office will start howling like a fire alarm and continue until one of us answers. So you will get a response fast!

If chat is not working for you and it is during business hours, just call 888-257-8967 to save typing and talk to one of us directly. No phone trees! Real people. Real experts. Real help.

See our Contact page for even more ways to reach us.

Our site’s chat function is simply another communication option some users may enjoy, designed to further enhance our already-great customer service. We are eager to help make your visit productive and positive and solve your problem. Thank you for reaching out.

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