Introducing Chris Nelson, Sales

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James and I are back from FDIC, our largest show of the year, and have giant To Do Lists (mine includes sharing FDIC photos with you) but nothing else is as exciting as this, the BIGGEST NEWS I have had to share in a long time.

Our New Guy, Chris Nelson, Sales

Graycee has adored Chris from the start.

We have hired Chris Nelson, a dedicated Sales Professional! Read Chris’s bio here.

I AM BEYOND EXCITED about having Chris here.

Chris is our first dedicated SALES person on staff in the company’s 28-year history! All these years, sales have been handled by all of us (Dad, James, me, Sara....). We are all pretty passionate about our fans and lights, but we each lacked the time and skills to most effectively convert interest into action. Chris’s job is to turn inquiries into happy customers.

Also, Chris is going to free up time for the other people here upon whom our customers and dealers depend. Sara will have more time to help customers; I will have more time for marketing; and James has more time for CEO/Engineer stuff including R&D, innovation, and product development.

As icing on the cake, Chris is a sign of Ventry Solutions’ good health. James does not hire new people until the need is there and the position is permanent. Hiring a full-time sales person indicates our slow but steady and sustainable growth as a company—and that is great news for all of our customers, partners, and my colleagues and me!

Written by Joan Rodman, Communications and Marketing, May 4, 2017

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