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generator with a light kit compared to an all-terrain Lentry® Generator LightCompletely different safety tools: gasoline‐powered flashlight versus large area, all‐terrain Lentry Scene Lighting System

Generator Light Kits versus All-Terrain Scene Lighting

A customer asked me, “Why does a Lentry Light cost more than this other light?”

He wanted emergency lighting and had come across our standard height Lentry® Generator-Light. Prior to finding ours, he was only familiar with common portable light kits that go on Honda generators, often sold in the fire/rescue market.

The short answer is, “Pay a little more. Get a lot more.” But I never give just the short answer.

I asked him the magic question, “What is most important to you?” to which I am always prepared to explain, “If price is most important then a Lentry System is not the tool for you.” If price is most important, then light kits for suitcase-style generators will probably do OK.

However, the customer quickly clarified (as most people do) that money was not the main concern; scene lighting for all manner of emergency situations was needed and it had to be portable (carried easily), versatile and dynamic, just like the scenes they may encounter. Ah ha! Now we were getting somewhere.

Engineer James made this point recently: The light heads we offer are extremely efficient, realizing output (lumen ratings) comparable to lights which weigh 3 to 4 times more. That kind of efficiency takes a lot of engineering and technology -- which means more expense. There are simply no other LEDs with the output of ours in as small a size.

So my first argument was that the two lights he was comparing are completely different safety tools: one is a gasoline‐powered flashlight and the other is a large area, all‐terrain whole-scene lighting and backup power system. Lentry Lights are nearly as portable as small gen-lights, but they are closer in brightness to the huge tow-behind generators with light masts. (In fact, most of our customers are using them as an alternative to light towers.)

Fixed generator‐light kits illuminate your feet and require flat ground to run. On the other hand, having legs and telescoping lights is very helpful on steep hills, snow and in brush (see photo at the bottom of this page).

What happens at the first scene where you have 3‐foot tall grass? A steep bank? Standing water? Slush and ice? No level ground? Does one of your crew get to stand there holding and aiming the 30‐pound flashlight? It only takes ONE TIME, one incident at which the terrain is challenging but time is of the essence and a person’s life is at risk. ONE TIME like this and you’ll forget how much was paid.

Scene light and generator standing in the river of water

Second, neither light is pocket change! Even for the fixed light/gen set, you will pay a couple thousand dollars! If you’re going to invest that much, why would you then set it down in the dirt/snow/mud/water/sand…? Legs aren’t just about adding functionality—they protect your investment.

To illustrate this point, I told him the true story about our local fire department in which the Lentry Legs saved their investment (photo at right).

In addition to the above points made on the phone, I’d also conversed by email with this customer as follows (in case you’re not already asleep).

“I can’t speak to the qualities of [the other] lights, as I have only seen them, not used them. But I can speak with pride to the workmanship, performance, quality, functionality, safety, engineering, brightness, efficiency, size, and weight advantages of ours. I know every curve, bolt, bend, coating, bulb, knob, etc. on our systems has a dozen reasons that all equate to excellence for the users.

“Scene lighting is truly an example of getting what you pay for. It should be easy to use, set up, transport, operate, take down... It should work AMAZINGLY well, turn night into day, and be SAFE. Keep in mind that no matter what you buy, it should last 20 years or more. Spend those years enjoying the benefits and having life made easier or suffer a long time with inferior parts, pieces, service and functionality…”

OK. More than enough said. From here, may I recommend seeing some photos of Lentry Lights in use as work lights, scene lights, emergency lighting, from our customers?

Written by Joan, former Marketing and Communications

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