Ventry Fan Model 20E1.5GFCI Discontinued

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Electric Ventry Fan model 20E1.5GFCI

Discontinued electric fan model 20E1.5GFCI

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Electric Ventry® PPV Fan Model 20E1.5GFCI has been discontinued. The modern equivalent is also GFCI-compatible but 15 amp instead of 20 amp. View the new model in our catalog.

Early in 2016, the motor on model 20E1.5GFCI was suddenly discontinued without notice and we were no longer able to get it. Luckily, a great, comparable motor was quickly found from the same manufacturer, with the same warranties and similar capabilities. Specifications changed due to the new motor, so we made a few adjustments and assigned a new model number. Ventry Positive Pressure Fan Model 20EM3550 is  GFCI-compatible, as was model 20E1.5GFCI, although we no longer put GFCI in the model number. 

The new motors are gold and quite recognizable; previously, the motor was dark gray.

Customers who own previous models of Ventry Electric Fans, Model 20E1.5GFCI or even our original 20E1.5, can rest assured! Ventry Solutions, Inc. still fully supports all fans, even discontinued models.

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