Photos of PPV Fan Flow Testing

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Tests are part of larger UL FSRI PPV study

James Neils next to a Ventry PPV Fan at the UL study

James Neils took these pics of initial PPV Fan Flow tests while in Chicago as a panel member. James also attended live fire testing in January 2015.

Ventry Solutions, Inc. was among several PPV fan manufacturers who participated in the multi-year study on the effectiveness of positive pressure ventilation (PPV) and attack (PPA), incorporating modern construction practices, in the context of the Fire Service and fire fighting, by Underwriter Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI). In summary, UL studied the use of PPV and PPA in modern construction single-family dwellings.

Given his identities as a volunteer fire fighter, mechanical engineer, pilot, and CEO, plus his great fondness for all things science, James Neils was the quintessential kid in a candy store. He traveled three times to the UL FSRI’s facility in Chicago, Illinois. As a member of the panel, his ideas and experience were incorporated into the experiments and he got to observe actual testing on two occasions.

Please note: Only a few of the photos James took are shown here (where they are not easy to view) so please, see our UL Vent Study Fan Flow Testing Facebook album for all photos of this event, where you can flip through them easily and see larger images. No account or identification is necessary.

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Ventry PPV Fan setup during flow tests

Ventry Fan in the foreground.

Intro to all-terrain Ventry PPV Fans

Being introduced to all-terrain PPV fans

The test facility was impressive in scale!

A huge, impressive facility!

The fan is dwarfed by its surroundings

The fan is dwarfed by its surroundings

Each line = 1 foot. Electric Ventry Fan shown

Each line = 1 foot. Electric Ventry Fan shown

Small 20-inch gas Ventry Fan

Best seller: Ventry 20GX160

Adjustments before the 24GX160 is tested

Setup of 24GX160 tests

Ventry 24-inch gas model

Ventry 24-inch gas model

24-inch fan, rear view

24-inch fan, rear view

All ppvs, with 24GX160 in front

All fans; 24GX160 in front

Close-up behind model 20GX160

Close-up behind the 20GX160

Interior view

Interior view

James and Great Aunt Ruth

And last but not least, James got to visit our Great Aunt Ruth while in Chicago.

The FSRI is to be commended for their objective, comprehensive, and transparent approach to this study.

Source: The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute was awarded a grant by the US Department of Homeland Security, late in 2013, to Study of the Effectiveness of Fire Service Positive Pressure Ventilation During Fire Attack in Single Family Homes Incorporating Modern Construction Practices. The results of the ventilation study are expected in this first half of 2016. These are photos taken by James during his visits to the facility during which he observed ppv fan flow testing and live fire tests. (URL: Last accessed 2016-02-16)

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