One good reason to register your VSI product

Posted by Ventry Solutions, Inc. on

Sara got a strange call one day from a State Trooper.

The officer had called us after finding our phone number on a Ventry® Fan. The fan was among numerous items he’d found in a vehicle he pulled over. The driver’s story wasn’t making sense and he asked if we knew to whom the fan belonged?

Sara was able to quickly find the dealer who sold the ppv fan and the fire department who owned it because the fire department had registered with us! A few days after the first call, the Trooper called again just to let us know that the fan had, indeed, been STOLEN from the fire department and now it could be returned. That fire department was VERY happy that they registered and pleased with their dealer and with us for helping out.

Ventry Solutions records the serial number of every Ventry Fan and Lentry® Light, along with details about its manufacture. By registering, you help us connect a person to the product.

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