New Honda EU2200i Generators Are In

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Assembly line of 2200W Lentry Lights which now include Honda EU2200i generators

Assembly line of 2200W Lentry Power & Light Systems which now include Honda EU2200i generators.

The much-anticipated 2200W generators have arrived!

Click here for a status update on our transition from 2000- to 2200-watt generators.

Hauser, Idaho - March 21, 2018. For over three months, since we placed our last generator order and were told the discontinuation/new generator news, we have been excited—and nervous.

This week we received the new units and determined, much to our relief, that the new Honda generators FIT our lighting systems without any modifications to any component.

All-Terrain Lentry® Portable Lighting Systems that formerly included or fit 2000-watt Honda Generators, will now include or retrofit to the new 2200-watt Honda EU2200i generators. Clients who have 2000-watt units from the past can upgrade if they wish, probably in a few decades, if their original generator ever falters.

We have confirmed that the new 2200-watt generators are very similar to the popular-but-discontinued 2000-watt Honda generators formerly utilized on Lentry Portable Light Systems. The overall dimensions are very close (within a few centimeters), the feet are in the same relative locations, and they cost the same (at least initially). The big differences are all benefits: our portable power and light systems will now offer 10% more power than before and offer a full 15 amps (versus 13.8A). Compare the EU2000i and EU2200i specs here.

This shift from EU2000i to EU2200i generators on Lentry Portable Lighting units warrants new model/part numbers, which will take a while to implement. For now, any systems noted as being 2000W or having EU2000i generators will now be 2200 watts and have EU2200i generators.

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